What's that adorable, shaggy-haired dog walking down the street? No, it's not a designer Poodle mix -- it's a Barbet, a French sporting dog with a long history.

Truly "the original" water retriever, the Barbet has been around since the 14th century. This versatile gun dog worked alongside hunters to flush, point at, and retrieve birds...  read more


​“Spring” curled pensively on a chair at Pier 92, surveying the curious onlookers.  The 7-year-old Mudi is more accustomed to activity—flyball is her game, and she loves to run. ...  read more 


​The origins of the Barbet, or French Water Dog, are believed to trace back to ancient times, and according to the Barbet Club of Great Britain, “The generally accepted theory is that the Barbet is descended from corded herding dogs originating in North Africa, which were brought to Europe with the Moors as they occupied the Iberian Peninsula during the 7th and 8th centuries.”...  read more 

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​Devoted, intellegent, responsive and clownish, the Barbet is the newest addition to AKC's Miscellaneous class. An archetypic water dog of France, the Barbet is a rustic breed of medium size and balanced, moderate proportions. Defining characteristics are his profuse coat of long, dense, curly hair, distinctive beard and long, sweeping tail. Remarkably agile, the versatile Barbet has been used as a water retriever and excels at many performance events. As a companion, the cheerful Barbet is a delight ...  read more 


When Teacleopatra Biscay's Sapphire—a fluffy, chocolate-colored pooch better known as Cleo—gave birth to 11 puppies this past Thanksgiving in Indiana, the U.S. population of the Barbet breed spiked by 15%.

Then, a few months ago in Pennsylvania, Champion Neigenuveaux's Ermagarde, or just plain old Claire, had a litter of two girls, a 2% jump that brought the total population to some 85 dogs... read more