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Until we have a confirmed litter on the way, we are not accepting any more applications. Thank you!

As you’ve probably discovered, finding a puppy is a difficult undertaking. People often ask me how my placement process works since I don’t maintain a waiting list. I don’t really have a process because I have so few puppies available with each litter. Mostly it’s a matter of luck and timing to get a puppy. I don’t breed enough and my purposes are not for filling a waitlist. In fact, I don’t keep a waitlist because there are just too many people and not many pups.. For more information on the breed, there is a lot of information, articles, and a recent podcast where I discuss the breed on my website and blog.

AKC Breeder of Merit

AKC Delegate representing the Western Pennsylvania Kennel Association

Past President of the Barbet Club of America

Vice President of the United Barbet Club

​#1 AKC NOHS Barbet