Puppies: Whippet and Barbet Summer 2020 

We sincerely appreciate your interest in our dogs. Please note that we do not maintain a waiting list and are not breeding frequently. If you're specifically interested in a puppy from Hickory Tavern, feel free to begin a dialogue through an introductory email. If you are writing to inquire if puppies are currently expected, we hope to have Barbet puppies in early July. Please understand that we receive many email inquiries every day from families looking for a puppy so the chances are very small that we will have anything available.  

Whippet Puppies: Ch Hickory Tavern Gold Margarita JC x Bo-Bett Lainies Surprise expected July 24, 2020. Serious inquiries please contact Jan McMaster

Our goal has always been to breed healthy, top quality show dogs who live in wonderful homes.  

AKC Breeder of Merit

AKC Delegate representing the Western Pennsylvania Kennel Association

Immediate past President of Barbet Club of America

Vice President of United Barbet Club

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